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For opsophagoi 

A shower of tiny fish rained down on Korona, a village in the mountains of northern Greece, late Tuesday, Greek television reported today, attributing the incident to a mini-tornado.”

Understanding TIA 

TIA diagram: DARPA's schematic explanation of Total Information Awareness Doesn’t this make you feel safe?

Sects in the City 

“At 12,000 pages, it’s a bit longer than our usual offering, but I couldn’t put it down.” I know it’s serious stuff, but Ron Charles’s response to the Iraqi UN submission made me laugh.

Happy birthday 

Davos Newbies sidled onto the stage three years ago (actually three years and two days, but who’s counting), even though it didn’t get motoring until January 2000.

The site had its origins in my discussions with Dave Winer, who was just launching his Manila software for weblogs, before anyone really had a clue what weblogs were. I took the leap and have certainly never regretted it. I also, not coincidentally, invited Dave that year to Davos. An idea that’s been brewing at least since then emerged yesterday with Dave’s proposal for a Weblogs in Meatspace conference, modelled in some ways on his Davos experience. I certainly want to go when it happens.

My site will remain as Davos Newbies even though it has become steadily more and more detached from the physical event (I have no expectations of going to Davos in 2003, for example). I’m thinking of ways of remodelling the site to reflect the change from — in its origins — truly being about the Annual Meeting in Davos, to being more of a year-long Davos of the mind (or at least that’s what I aspire to). That will probably mean moving away from the wonderful design Garret did three years ago, which is nostalgic for the physical setting. Any thoughts and comments on this would be welcome.

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