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End of an excellent weblog 

British Spin, which has been silent for over a week, is closing up shop. The author believes he’d be fired in his new job if he kept up the weblog. It’s sad. I found this anonymous weblog on British politics both interesting and insightful.

Perverse incentives 

“If the chief executive needs a bonus scheme to ensure his 100 per cent commitment to the job, he is the wrong person to hold it. The scheme is unlikely to affect the intensity of his effort but it will affect the intensity of his interest in how numbers that report that effort are compiled. All incentive schemes reward good performance more than they penalise bad performance. The result is undue risk-taking and excessive readiness to claim credit when risky behaviour pays off.” Great good sense from John Kay in the Financial Times.

Now we know 

Mathematicians have determined the optimum way to lace your shoes. In a reassuring boost for mob smarts, it seems the human race arrived at the optimum answers before combinatorial mathematics.


“It is far easier to be a real-world terrorist than a virtual-world one.” Mike Butcher provides an antidote to the wilder claims about cyberterrorism.

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