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Inaccessible in China 

Jonathan Zittrain and Benjamin Edelman have devised a means of real-time testing of China’s Internet filtering. Davos Newbies is reported as inaccessible in China. Update: either there’s a bug in the testing or the Chinese are very quick off the mark. Four hours after Davos Newbies was reported as blocked, it now reports as accessible. Maybe Jonathan can explain it to me.

Understanding technology 

Ed Felten decries what passes for technology coverage in many newspapers. To his mind, too many papers reckon coverage of technology companies is equivalent to coverage of technology. “Lately I’ve started to wonder whether this mislabeling is having insidious effects. What if the editors of these newspapers think they are educating their readers about technology, because they publish a tech section? What if readers think they are learning about technology because they read the tech section? What if lawmakers think that this stuff is what technology is really about?”

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