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The doors are open, and participants are flooding in. Those who have read Davos Newbies have quickly moved to the sign-up desks to grab their favoured sessions.

The flu bug continues to sweep through some of our panelists. I’m keeping fingers crossed on one major European corporate head who has apparently lost his voice with the flu. His office range early this morning to say there is a one in five chance he will recover in time to chair his Saturday morning session.


The Financial Times has also constructed a special Davos site. Like everything on FT.com, it’s a bit cumbersome to navigate. I saw Peter Martin, deputy editor of the FT and the person now responsible for FT.com, last night. There will apparently be a relaunch of the site in the next week or so which, he says, will improve things greatly.

The still far superior Interactive Wall Street Journal also has a special Davos section (subscription required). The lead story today, however, is a muckraking look at some of the side, business activities of Klaus Schwab, president and founder of the Forum. I’m quoted as saying the Forum is “gloriously personal and amateur — and I don’t see that as a pejorative”. In the context, I think this misses my point. Amateurs, in the original sense of the word, are lovers of their pursuit. Professionals are detached and blasé. I know which I’d rather be.

Read Wayne Booth’s For the love of it: Amateuring and its rivals to find someone in complete agreement with my point of view (I haven’t included a link to Amazon.com because of their foolish attitude on the One-Click patent).

World Link

World Link, my own magazine, has its Davos issue up with more Davos-related material than you can shake a stick at. It may be invidious to single out articles in this, but I particularly recommend Moises Naim’s Six Anxieties.

Scripting News

Dave Winer is running Scripting News from Davos. There are lots of pictures and initial, breathless comments from a Davos Newbie.

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