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The evidence 

President Bush has just finished his address to the General Assembly of the UN. A friend had wondered today whether Bush would produce Stevenson-like photos of the WMD development. Instead, a dossier detailing how Saddam has violated UN resolutions was produced. There are a lot of sceptics on this side of the Atlantic who will want more evidence than that.

I take some encouragement from the fact that Bush is seeking the endorsement of the UN, and that he seemed to suggest that Saddam has one last chance to comply with UN resolutions (even though, as Richard Butler has pointed out below, compliance is highly unlikely on Saddam’s past history).

What puzzles me, however, is that I see no sign of a great debate brewing in the US over what could be the most significant military commitment since Vietnam. Whether you are pro or con military involvement in Iraq, surely a great democracy needs to air the issues?

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