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Whaling and Japan 

Jared Diamond, who wrote the thrilling Guns, Germs and Steel, has an immaculately argued case against whaling in The Los Angeles Times. “Japanese opposition to sensible international management of biological resources will ultimately prove more disastrous to import-dependent Japan than to any other country.”

Get your kicks 

“Here we are, the locomotive of the world economy, the unipolar bear, a hyperbolic hyperpower bestriding the earth like a Colossus — do we have to win every hand, rake in every pot, block every competitor’s goal? Let some other nation’s screaming populace get a kick out of the kicking game.” I’m surprised but pleased that Bill Safire was rooting for someone other than the US.

Welcome back 

Dave Winer is back in harness after bypass surgery. Keep fighting the good fight, Dave.

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