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Changed minds  

As far as I can tell, Americans have been largely immune from a debate that has raged outside its borders, between those supporting the military campaign in Afghanistan and those opposed. I’ve been a supporter from the outset, and I would have expected some contrition from the antis in the light of recent events. Of course, there has been no change.

Polly Toynbee has been flaying the opposers particularly hard, from her position as a life-long, progressive journalist. She has this to say about those whose minds remain unchanged: “Does anyone ever admit to changing their mind? Are we all doomed for eternity to minds set in concrete� Keynes said that when the facts changed, he changed his mind, a better maxim. But the inclination to deny ever being politically wrong is extraordinarily strong.”

Vital issues  

This is the first time when people from all over the world are meeting for a toilet summit.” I’m not surprised. News of the WTO (that’s World Toilet Organisation to you) is coming in fast.

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