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Gobble, gobble  

I know it isn’t done to mock the president at a time of national crisis, but I enjoyed The Guardian’s caption competition for the hilarious photo of president Bush and the turkey he pardoned for Thanksgiving.

“Gobble, gobble” was the favourite, with 350 entries.

Excuses and paranoia 

Some businesses are using the events of 11 September as a lame excuse to engage in shoddy practices. Doc Searls, one of the authors of The Cluetrain Manifesto, pointed me to this extraordinary exercise by a small publisher.

Allegedly books now have a harder time getting attention because the media won’t accept unsolicited post and no one goes to book signings. I know book sales are down post-11 September (except for Judith Miller, Ahmed Rashid and Nostradamus), but people shouldn’t invent reasons for reneging on contracts as they scramble to rearrange their business.

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