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“At the other extreme, a small and dwindling band of ideologues – technically known as sado-monetarists – claim there was nothing wrong with the expansion and that its death was iatrogenic.” A well-penned, extended riff by Gerald Baker commenting on the end of America’s extraordinary period of economic growth in the style of an obituary.

Think again  

Apparently Zagat’s Guides reckon London is the worst city for dining in Europe. But it also concludes, somewhat confusingly, that London is also the second best in Europe. As a long-time Londoner, and a fresser or some repute, I can say assuredly that London has emerged in the last decade as a wonderful (if expensive) place to eat. Of course, there are some terrible meals to be had, but that’s equally true in Paris.

I like Michael Ellison’s remark that Manhattan, where the survey was launched, is “a place where pretzels are consumed voluntarily”.

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  1. Eric Mauro

    Lance, what did you like about the Baker article again? It’s fatalist and offers no explanation why any of these things happened or didn’t happen. The patient just died. I could accept this if we were talking about 1929, but we’re right here, in the middle of all this stuff.



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