Curriculum for a myth buster

Timothy Burke explains why MythBusters, which my children rightly love, is a wonderful advertisement for a liberal arts education:

If you were the president of a liberal arts college, I think you could do a lot worse than sitting down with Jamie Hyneman, paying him a consultant’s fee, and asking him, “How would you build a curriculum designed to train a MythBuster?”

2 thoughts on “Curriculum for a myth buster

  1. Andy

    Wouldn’t a science degree be far more useful for mythbusting? Everything they do on that show is related to physics, engineering, or chemistry.

  2. Hyde

    Mythbusters is not real science. The experiments they use to prove or disprove myths is horrible horrible science. They like to come up with big bang/wowie experiments more than actual scientific experiments. Anyone who thinks Mythbusters is real science is clearly a liberal arts major with no science background.

    I’m not kidding…


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