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A book from the Deakins

The lectures Jay Rosen and I gave in Melbourne in May have been published in book form as Barons to Bloggers by Melbourne University Press. In addition to our contributions, the book includes four Australian responses to our ideas.

When I’ve had a chance to read the responses, I’ll offer some thoughts.

One detail of interest to my bookish mind: Barons to Bloggers is published by The Miegunyah Press, an MUP imprint. Miegunyah is an Aboriginal word meaning “my house”.

A palpable hit

Jay and I talked up a storm last night, in front of a responsive crowd in Melbourne’s Town Hall. The questions after our respective lectures were particularly good, although most people didn’t share our general tone of optimism about the new landscape of media.

I hope — and trust — that some of the people who came last night will have gone home, opened their browsers and begun participating in the weblogging world. There were certainly several people I spoke to afterwards who were wondering how their own organizations needed to respond to the changes we described. Could be quite exciting.