California as the decider

I’ve pinned my colors to the Obama mast and I was delighted at lunch last week to hear his staff declare that California would be the crucial context on tsunami Tuesday, February 5. New York and New Jersey, the thinking goes, will almost surely go for senator Clinton. Illinois will unquestionably plump for its own senator Obama (although Clinton is Illinois born and bred, that isn’t much of her biography these days). So California, the greatest delegate prize of all, becomes the decider.

Michael Tomasky provides an analysis in The Guardian which suggests that Clinton is going hammer and tongs for California while Obama is concentrating elsewhere. I hope this isn’t the case, since I suspect such a strategy would be as good as confirming Clinton’s nomination. The latest Field poll makes it look like it will be very tough for Obama to overhaul Clinton here, but surely he has to try.

Incidentally, I haven’t become a total Obama KAD. I think Hillary would make a good and winning candidate and probably a good president. I just believe Obama will be an even better candidate and a potentially transformative president at a time when that’s what the nation needs. As a Democrat, I’m delighted we have two wonderful candidates (who I wish would spend less time trying to cut each other off at the knees) while the Republicans have a mediocre clown show of presumptives.

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