By their blogs ye shall know them

I had an interesting experience with one of my passengers in the casual carpool this morning. First, he checked the traffic through Google Maps on his iPhone, which was nice but unremarkable. But then he pulled out his Kindle, which I hadn’t seen in person before. It was more covetable than I had expected, even if the page buttons are so clearly misplaced.

Naturally, we had a conversation about his experience with the Kindle. He said he’d subscribed to some blogs on it, as well as The New York Times. “What blogs?” I asked. “Ars Technica and GigaOm,” he replied.  Aha! That told me a lot about my passenger: technically aware and involved in what’s new. We traded blog opinions and through a process of mental triangulation I figured out a fair amount about his point of view.

Inevitably we had some acquaintances in common, and there might well be some business opportunities for us to collaborate on, I reckon. We’ll see — I’m meeting my passenger and his partner tomorrow to see if there’s a useful connection.  Isn’t the casual carpool great?

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