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I may have been perverse over the years in turning down a couple of invitations to Richard Saul Wurman’s TED conference. The timing has always been bad for me: too close to a week away in Davos to justify nearly a week in California, however nice that would be. I generally hear good things about TED, and this year (even if slightly late) I’ve been able to get a good sense of things from David Weinberger’s weblog of TED 12.

Davos Newbies during the actual Davos meeting has generally been far more impressionistic than Weinberger’s account. That is partly forced by the nature of the event. Davos is a multi-ringed circus, while I know Richard Wurman’s philosophy is that everyone should share a common experience. I’m not certain one idea is better than the other, but it does create a distinctly different climate.

Weinberger’s call for longer time slots is one with which I sympathise. A lot of the best Davos experiences come from uninterrupted time with a wonderful thinker, such as Daniel Kahneman this year in New York.

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