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Not the Jubilee

This coming weekend is an extended holiday in the UK, to mark 50 years of Queen Elizabeth’s rule. Although I have lived in the UK for the best part of 24 years, I remain a staunch republican (that lower case “r” is important). 

It’s a minority position here, but not as small as many people think. Singer Billy Bragg has long been a voice for progressive causes and he has chosen the Jubilee to release a new song, Take Down the Union Jack. I’m not that fussed about the issue, but I did find Bragg’s cogent views on music and copyright well worth reading. “People who download some of your music and enjoy it will be encouraged to buy more and come to your gigs. I’m relaxed about it as it’s happening anyway… There’s no point chucking your rattle out of the pram! The first music I owned was tapes of the chart rundown from the radio and that didn’t stop me from buying music.”

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