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Not Whistler

Stéphane Perron has sent me the latest from Whistler, the ski resort near Vancouver long rumoured as a potential venue for the World Economic Forum. The local council voted yesterday to invite the Forum for 2004, but the conditions attached make it extremely unlikely, in my view, that the invitation would be accepted.

Most importantly, Whistler wants the Forum to come in the low season, rather than in the middle of the ski season. I can’t see Davos (wherever it is held) moving to a different time of the year, at least for many years to come. It seems improbable, but the congestion of the international meeting schedule is such that Davos has established a valuable little window when major political figures and leading CEOs can carve out some time. Even with a few years notice, it would be very hard to find another week that worked as well.

Stéphane’s email also attaches a comment from one of the leaders of Whistler’s “no” campaign.

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