Beware the ides of March

My wife and I occasionally lament that we’ve swapped The Guardian for The New York Times. It’s not that we’re missing much news, it’s that we’re losing bursts of humor and wry cleverness that the serious Times either can’t do or doesn’t deign to do.

If it’s seriousness that you’re looking for, the German papers trump even the Grey Lady (is the Times still called that, now that it has color pictures?). My German is imperfect at best, but I used to goggle at the erudition of sections like the FAZ’s Feuilleton.

Yesterday’s SĂĽddeutsche Zeitung managed nicely to combine great erudition with a sense of humor. For the classically inclined, there’s an Ides of March interview with Wilfried Stroh about Julius Caesar — in Latin (via Adrian Murdoch).

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