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I’ve lived in Berkeley for nearly three years now, and I couldn’t be happier. But my family and I took a major step last week when we moved into a new house, our first home purchase (we’ve been renters until now). Our house is in precisely the neighborhood we wanted — the Elmwood — which allows us to walk to stores and restaurants. And come Halloween, we’re at the Bay Area’s epicenter, a few steps from Russell Street. People have already advised us that we’ll need a minimum stock of 1,000 pieces of candy for the night.

So my enthusiasm for Berkeley is now matched by increasingly deep roots here. Sadly, needless to say, yesterday was a really bad day for Berkeleyites. I agree with Timothy Burke’s puzzlement over John Yoo’s continued employment by the University of California Berkeley.

(Then again, I’m adopting the standard local stance of amused bewilderment at some of the actions of the Republic of Berkeley. Today’s San Francisco Chronicle reports that my city spends $1 million annually “on domestic and foreign policy matters hatched by its 45 citizen commissions, which outnumber those in virtually every other city in America and debate everything from regime change in Iran to the plight of nonneutered dogs”.)

3 thoughts on “Berkeley roots

  1. Felix

    Well in that case, some time between now and Halloween, you’re just going to have to come to Manhattan to do a huge shopping trip to Economy Candy on Rivington Street, now, aren’t you?

  2. reader_iam

    the standard local stance of amused bewilderment

    You are? Why would you want to assume that particular defensive/deflective armor? Why would you think that’s a good or admirable thing?

  3. Lance Knobel

    I didn’t say it was good or admirable. Perhaps heart-sinking recognition would be another description.

    If I do tend at times to “amused bewilderment” it’s because I take the view that there are far too many people on the absolutely wrong side of major issues. The kinds of people who devote their time to citizens commissions in Berkeley are, by and large, on the right side of issues in terms of my world view. So I cut them some slack even if their actions are what I consider a distraction from more important things.


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