Back from hiatus

Many blogs that I read have the helpful habit of alerting readers to prolonged absence. I used to do the same myself. But I just looked up and realized that I’ve been away from Davos Newbies for more than a fortnight. So here’s a metaphoric clearing of the throat to announce I’m back in the room.

The simple explanation for my long hiatus is that both my mind and my time were too crowded with other activities to write anything I thought worthwhile here. At work, I’ve been involved in a mammoth project that is now nearing completion. There are loose ends to tidy up, but the heavy-duty effort of construction is largely over. At home, my tennis obsession probably got slightly out of control in the last month, as I’ve juggled the two teams I captain and added another one where I’m merely a player. I’ve long had the aspiration of playing tennis every day, and I came close to realizing that dream. But it meant that too much else – most glaringly family life, but the blog, too – got squeezed.

Anyhow, I think mind, body and spare time are now in a more healthy balance. So I plan to return to something like regular posting.

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