Annals of great columnist timing

I love the Financial Times, but their choices of outside columnists have frequently sent me into despair. I’m glad I didn’t break out the champagne a few years ago when they finally got rid of the ludicrous, self-important Tyler Brûlé – because they senselessly brought him back a few weeks ago.

The paper got what it deserved this weekend. Brûlé’s subject? The potency of “brand Beirut”:

Lebanon is not in need of a tourism campaign just yet as it needs to get many other rooms in its house in order first (a president perhaps?) but one day a “Liberal Lebanon” initiative could be just the slogan to bring back millions of tourists who are tired of being nannied in their home markets.

I’m sure in some circles this counts as edgy and far-sighted. I don’t see how making a newspaper a laughing stock is a good idea.

One thought on “Annals of great columnist timing

  1. richard lander

    hilarious and very embarrassing. the contrast with the charming other column on the same page by harry eyres couldnt be greater


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